Welcome to SymXdomain!

SymXdomain is a Software Development Kit (SDK) that allows programmers to interact with Symitar's SymXchange, an interface that enables third-party vendors and credit unions to access the Episys core. SymXdomain uses standard programming function calls that can be made using the included libraries available in the SymXdomain.dll.

Key Features

  • Create applications with real time, two way access to the Episys core
  • Supports Inquiries, File Maintenance, Transactions and PowerOns
  • Episys field names and records are modeled into an easy-to-use SDK
  • Integrates into Microsoft Visual Studio .Net
  • Supports VB.Net, C#, J# and C++

Best Innovation Group
Why Use SymXdomain SymXDomain simplifies the process of integrating your custom applications through SymXchange.

  • Centralizes common parameters and data objects that are necessary for SymXchange.
  • Reuses existing SymXchange objects where applicable to avoid duplication.
  • Takes advantage of object-oriented methodology in order to provide a simplified layer for development.
  • Provides shortcut for developers, allowing them to rapidly develop functionality without intimate knowledge of SymXchange.
Open Source Platform

SymXDomain is being made available as an open source platform. Our expected release date is currently being determined.  Check back soon for updates and information on how to download and install SymXDomain.

Need more info? Please send me information and updates on SymXDomain.